What’s the Difference between Traditional Engraving and Laser Engraving?

At Elegant Medical Alert, we offer two types of engraving for medical ID jewelry: Traditional Etched-In Engraving and Premium Laser Engraving. So what is the difference between these two types of engraving styles? We will explain this in our blog article.

Traditional Engraving vs. Laser Engraving

Traditional Etched-In Engraving is engraving that has been done for centuries with simple tools. With modern technology we now can etch text into your bracelet or necklace with a diamond rotary tool. With this method the text is usually the same color as the metal that is engraved. However, if an item is plated with a different color metal, the engraved text may expose a second color and the text will stand out more. For instance, a black plated dog tag may expose the silver color of the stainless steel base metal. In this case, the text will show up as silver on a black tag.

For greater visibility, we offer Premium Laser Engraving. This process uses lasers to burn the text into or onto the metal. For silver or light tone items, the text will be a dark gray color or black. For black or darker tone items, the text will be a light gray color or white. Many people prefer the classic look of etched-in engraving for high end silver and gold items.

Which Engraving is better?

So which is the best type of engraving for your medical ID jewelry? While there are pros and cons for both, in general, Premium Laser Engraving is the better choice for Medical IDs. This is because it is easier to read. Most important, time is always a necessity during an emergency.

Because it is more expensive to run the laser machines, Traditional Engraving is less costly. So if you are on a tight budget you can choose Traditional Engraving. While the text may not stand out as much as a laser engraved item, paramedics are trained to look for the text once they see the medical ID symbol.

Which Engraving lasts longer?

There is no straight answer as to which type of engraving lasts longer. The durability of engraving depends more on the type of metal the text is engraved on and the environment in which it is worn. While there are soft metals and hard metals, the environment that the bracelet or necklace is worn in can determine how many years before the engraving may begin to fade or become difficult to read. If you play a lot of sports, it’s likely your medical ID may get scratched. Also, if you live on a coast near the beach, the saltwater can react with your jewelry differently than if you lived inland.

At Elegant Medical Alert we want to make sure you are protected with a medical ID that you can rely on during an emergency. Our engraved jewelry should give you many years of peace of mind. However, if at any time you find that the engraving of an item you purchased has become difficult to read, contact customer support and they will work with you to figure out a solution. Sometimes engraved items can be erased and re-engraved. At other times we can offer a complete replacement.

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