How Coronavirus Highlights the Importance of Medical ID Bracelets

The coronavirus has officially become a pandemic, and it is changing everyone's lives for the foreseeable future.

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 shows how important medical IDs are at a time like this. While medical ID bracelets are always important, during an international health emergency, they become even more so.

In this blog post, we'll go over how the coronavirus makes wearing a medical bracelet imperative, especially if you are elderly or have an underlying medical condition.

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Who is at Higher Risk for Coronavirus?

Those at higher risk for COVID-19 are those with underlying health conditions or those over the age of 60. While anyone with underlying health conditions should be careful, those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and asthma should be especially careful.

80% of people will recover in 14 days and live life with no after-effects. However, the rest of those who get infected will have more serious complications. It can result in pneumonia which can be lethal for those who are not otherwise healthy.

As such, it is important to practice good hygiene, wash your hands and to encourage those who are susceptible to self-isolate. This means not attending events with large crowds and only doing daily duties that are absolutely necessary.

If you live with or are close to someone, who is at a higher risk for the disease, you should also take the same precautions.

Why Medical ID Bracelets are More Important Than Ever

Although people are slowly steering away from large crowds to help contain the virus, it is still likely to spread over the next few months. Symptoms may come on slowly or quickly, so it is important for those who think they may have the disease to be alert.

Medical ID bracelets can help cut down on confusion if you or someone you love is taken ill and needs emergency medical attention. Because we don't yet know how the disease will strain our medical system, these IDs can be invaluable in times of crisis.

If someone you love needs to wear a mask and cannot be heard over the craziness of an emergency room, for example, a medical ID bracelet can help them communicate. A doctor or nurse can immediately see what medications they take and if they're allergic to anything.

They can also warn the medical staff if the individual has a disease like asthma or epilepsy, both of which need to be taken into account before treatment for Coronavirus.

Additionally, if emergency measures need to be taken, the emergency team knows immediately if the individual has an allergy or their medical history. This gives you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your family members are taken care of in the face of an emergency due to coronavirus.

When to Wear a Medical ID Bracelet

Our medical ID bracelets are not just practical, they're also fashionable. As such, you can wear the ID bracelets at any time without it being labeled as a medical ID bracelet as easily.

Those close to you or emergency services will be able to spot the medical ID bracelet, however, making it the perfect blend of form and function.

We also carry colorful rubber and silicone bracelets that alert first responders and doctors to the bracelet more easily. These are good if you are afraid someone will lose consciousness in the event that they have coronavirus, or a side effect. They're also perfect for the elderly who may not be able to communicate their needs as effectively in an emergency.

Those with dementia, as well, are perfect candidates for the larger and colorful bracelets. This is because they may forget that they are wearing a medical bracelet, and may have trouble remembering what medication they are on. In an emergency, especially where medication must be administered on site, this colorful band draws the first responder's attention to the bracelet immediately.

This allows communication without having to communicate.

Children and the Coronavirus

Thus far, children have not been as affected as the elderly with the coronavirus, and they seem to be faring better. However, it is still a good idea to have a medical bracelet for your child in case of emergencies. If you become ill, or your whole family is infected, it may be difficult for you to communicate your child's needs effectively.

As such, having a bracelet will allow your child to wear their needs on their wrist. In the event he or she is separated from you, you'll be able to still ensure that they are as safe as possible.

Although as a parent, you never want to be away from your child, in some cases, you cannot control this, and you should be prepared for any outcome.

Medical ID Bracelets

Wearing medical ID bracelets are important at any time, not just during a worldwide pandemic. As such, now may be the perfect time to purchase one for yourself or a member of your family. You can use this time to take stock of what you may need in an emergency so that if something does happen, your family is prepared in the future.

There is no need to panic, and if you're prepared for the worst possible outcome, the less you'll need to worry.

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