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Women's Black Turquoise Sabona Magnetic Bracelet

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The black turquoise stone is set in polished stainless steel for simple design elegance. The bracelet has a 1200 gauss magnet in each link. Perfect for casual wear or out on the town!

About Sabona®

Sabona manufactures and markets fine copper and magnetic bracelets worldwide.

IMPORTANT Do not use magnet products during pregnancy, or if you have an electrical implant such as a pacemaker. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions and continue with regular medical care. Magnetic products should not be worn next to a watch.

The Magnetic Theory & The Copper Theory

Copper wristbands and magnetic products are considered to be unproven remedies. However, magnets have been used in different cultures over the years by those who believe magnets worn on the body promote good health. The theory is that magnet therapy may be beneficial by affecting the circulatory system, the blood flow in the body. Increased circulation is beneficial because the body gets more of the nutrients it needs from the blood.

Various forms of copper have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the history of mankind. Today, as more information becomes available, alternative health care and home remedies are gaining popularity.

To learn more, read our blog: Sabona Magnetic and Copper Bracelets.

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