Zuup - pronounced zuhp - is a product aimed at changing the way you take your vitamins and supplements. With unique features that make it easy, stylish, and discreet, you'll never go back to using traditional pill bottles again! Zuup is a stylish, discreet, and portable pill dispenser that fits into your busy lifestyle.


It's Portable

Zuup is pocket portable and purse friendly for a unique and convenient way to carry your vitamins and supplements.

Self-filled Cartridges

Zuup comes with a cartridge that's easy to load any of your supplements so you use it to fit your needs.

A Subtle Reminder

Because it’s with you wherever you go Zuup acts as a subtle reminder to take your vitamins and supplements.

Protects your supplements

Plastic bags and other low quality pill dispensers don’t take care of your supplements. With Zuup, your tablets are safe, clean, and fresh every time.

It's hip, trendy and cute

It has a gorgeous design, is incredibly easy to use, and has a style that will make your friends jealous. Best of all, they won't even know what you're taking!


Zuup size and weight
  • 4.09 inches (104mm)
  • 0.7 inches (18mm)
  • 2.67 inches (68mm)
  • 1.72 ounces (49g)

Cartridge size

  • Weight: 15g
  • Capacity: Up to 7 tablets depending on size

Will my tablets fit?

Cartridge compartments are designed to fit most standard tablets.

Available in a variety of colors:

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