SmartKidsID are wearable child ID and Medical ID products that are specially designed for situations every parent fears. If your child gets lost in a public place or needs special treatment in case of a medical emergency, SmartKidsID help is just a scan or call away!

SmartKidsID combines the QR Code Technology and a 24/7 toll free hotline to connect to your child's ID profile. Now everyone with a smartphone or regular cell phone can help a child! All important and possibly lifesaving information is accessible to a helper or first responder by scanning the QR-Code, calling the toll free number or entering the ID-Code you find below the QR-Code on our website. When you create your child's profile, you can individually choose the information you would like to be revealed to a helper (e.g. child's first name, medical condition, allergies, emergency contacts). All other information will be kept private to save you valuable time in case your child goes missing and you have to contact local law enforcement agencies. Our goal is to protect what means the world to us - our children!


  • Unique QR-Code engraved on every bracelet
  • Easy to close and tightly secured with Velcro
  • Has to be activated with secret code
  • Different size bracelets available
  • 24/7 Toll Free Help Hotline (USA & Canada)
  • All important child ID information in one place (e.g. medical information, emergency contacts)
  • Ready to use when you buy it - You just need to connect the new code to your child's SmartKidsID profile!
  • Personal information is kept discreet behind QR-Code
  • Fast and unlimited updating/editing of profile with smartphone
  • QR Codes/ID Codes work worldwide with phone/computer that is connected to internet!
  • ACCOUNT 100% FREE + no storage or renewal fees
  • Eye-catching colors to assure high visibility of ID
  • Kid-friendly and tested according to CPSIA Regulations
  • Plate is high quality stainless steel and lead-free
  • Bracelets and Shoe Tags are waterproof

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