In late 2005, Sam Docherty was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was removed and the neurosurgery was largely successful. However, Sam was left with partial paralysis and epilepsy. This inevitably led to a restructuring of lifestyle - public transport, daily medication and seizure anxiety.
Sam Docherty
This also led to some very legitimate concerns: What can I do if I suddenly feel the onset of a seizure, or one starts before I can alert anyone? How can I advise anyone who may wish to offer assistance of my condition and the most appropriate action?

Conscious that the vast majority of the public have little if any experience with epileptic seizure, diabetic shock or coma, anaphylactic shock due to allergies or insect bites or stings, Sam looked for a product that could help him alert people to what to do - and just as importantly what not to do - in the event of an emergency.

The traditional alternatives, such as a medical ID card or bracelet could be helpful. However, each of they also have their own limitations. Sam believed that the technology existed to create a much better, more obvious and more functional alternative; an audio button, worn on an outer layer of clothing. He spent the next four years designing and developing the Press Don't Panic audio button.

Press Don't Panic is a small, highly visible, clearly medical, audio device which communicates vital information in a medical emergency - at the press of a button. The Press Don't Panic audio alert button, which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, is also one of the most advanced forms of medical ID available on the market.

The Press Don't Panic audio alert button allows the wearer to record a personal message containing emergency procedure and/or essential medical information, in any language. This can then be played back whenever the wearer requires assistance. Playback can be initiated by the wearer or by those offering assistance.

This revolutionary device is designed primarily for people that may require assistance while out and about, from members of the public - who don't have any medical training. For instance, people with epilepsy, diabetes, allergies and asthma, as well as for laryngectomees among others. Those assisting will then know what to do, who to contact and how to administer any medication the wearer may be carrying. This could, in some cases, be lifesaving.

The Press Don't Panic audio button is a small device which can be worn conveniently. It attaches easily to outer clothing, belt, bag or lanyard. It is lightweight and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can record a personal audio message via a simple button system up to 120 seconds record time - enough time to record specific instructions, medical information and contact details. The ability to record the message in any language is ideal for vacations and foreign holidays.

Press Don't Panic is easy to use, easy to wear, easy to see and easy to play. Most importantly, it can save your life.

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