Pandora style charm bracelets are a great way to show your support for Medical Awareness issues. The signature snake chain bracelets with barrel clasp are available in several lengths. These sterling silver plated bracelets are available with many different ribbon color charms so you may show your support for the medical cause dear to you. For instance, there is an orange ribbon charm to show support for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness and a gray charm to show support for Diabetes Awareness. An Autism Awareness puzzle piece charm is available as well. You may purchase a bracelet with charms or purchase the charms separately to add to your existing bracelet. There is even a necklace version available too. Elegant Medical Alert contributes a portion of all Medical Awareness Jewelry sales to various charities, not-for-profit organizations and health causes. Therefore, not only will your jewelry spread the word of your cause, but you can be proud that your purchase will help send much needed funds for research and awareness of important medical issues.
Don't see your ribbon color? Let us know and we will do our best to find it for you!


Barbara H.

Date 2/12/2014

Do you have a Pandora Crohn's/Ostomy awareness bracelet?

Delores R.

Date 2/13/2014

diebatic.....itake meds for my sugar

Maki E.

Date 6/2/2014

Can you please make a charm for autism awareness, epilepsy and ADHD Thanks

Elegant Medical Alert

Date 6/2/2014

You can find our Autism awareness charm bracelet here:<br> <a href="product.asp?itemid=948">Pandora Style Autism Awareness Silver Puzzle Piece Charm Bracelet</a><br><br> and our Epilepsy awareness charm bracelet here:<br> <a href="product.asp?itemid=944">Pandora Style Epilepsy Awareness Silver Charm Bracelet</a><br><br> Since the ribbon color for ADHD is Orange, you may purchase the Multiple Sclerosis charm bracelet for ADHD awareness as well:<br> <a href="product.asp?itemid=942">Pandora Style Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Silver Charm Bracelet</a>


Date 12/21/2014

do you have the zebra ribbon for rare disorders including Ehlers Danlos syndrome?

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