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Nato Strap for Watches and Bracelets - 20mm

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Model: EMID3600N
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Choose from many Nato strap styles for your watch face or medical ID bracelet plaque!

Nato bands are great for kids and adults!
They easily adjusts to fit wrists from 5.75 to 9 inches.

First used by soldiers as watch bands and popularized by James Bond in the movies, Nato straps have become all the rage. Nato bands have been worn with both inexpensive watch faces and fifty thousand dollar Rolex watches as well. Now you can proudly sport this style with a medical ID plaque and be both stylish and safe at the same time!

These nylon straps are 20mm (0.78 inches) wide and have stainless steel buckles and parts. Hand washable. Strap tucks inside buckle.

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