MyID is the perfect bracelet for people with medical needs, people with active lifestyles, aging parents and young children. It provides the fastest and most complete medical profile to first responders.

First responders are trained to look for ID bracelets that give them the critical information they need to save your life. Your MyID stores your emergency contacts, medical, allergy, and insurance information in a secure, online profile that is immediately accessed via smartphone or 24/7 emergency hotline. And, featuring class-exclusive Ion Health Technology, MyID is like a vitamin you wear.

First responders can scan your MyID profile QR code with their smartphone or call our 24/7 live operator to access your Emergency Profile. Since your profile is securely stored online, you can update your information anytime.

Your online health profile is flexible, so you only share information you want to share. You can lock your account at any time if you lose your MyID. And, of course your information is stored on a secure, encrypted server, and your MyID service is free for the first year and just $9.99 per year after that.

Security is very important to us. That's why we use Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) to make sure your data is safe and sound.

Quickly manage your profile right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Plus, display your custom QR code directly on the lock screen so first responders can quickly access your profile.

The MyID has many features that a traditional medical bracelet does not. Instead of being a one-time, fixed information piece, MyID is dynamic and can have the medical information continually updated. If you move, change phone numbers or develop new medical conditions, there is no need to purchase a new bracelet. Simply login to your profile and update your information and it will be instantly available to first responders.

MyID is the only ID band that is good for you every day you wear it. Ion Health Technology is like a vitamin you wear and research has indicated that it can help you feel better, wake up refreshed, and have more energy. So go on… give your loved ones peace of mind while you get out and live the life you love!

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