Elegant Medical Alert was featured on Modern Living with kathy ireland®, a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe.

"It can be critical for people with medical conditions or allergies to wear a medical ID, but many are reluctant to do so because they aren't very fashionable. Elegant Medical Alert has just the solution!," said Kathy Ireland.  A former Supermodel, turned entrepreneur, Kathy is one of America's most successful business people. Her design empire grosses more than 1.9 billion dollars a year.

Kathy knows how important it is for medical ID jewelry to be both practical and fashionable. "Elegant Medical Alert can really incent people to wear their medical ID jewelry and to feel great about it!," Kathy said to Elegant Medical Alert President Dr. Yvette Vogel and CEO Mark Vogel.

The company offers many stylish products to choose from, including jewelry made with diamonds, sterling silver, gold and more. Elegant Medical Alert is headquartered in Riverdale, New York and ships worldwide.

The difference between Elegant Medical Alert products and traditional medical alerts is that Elegant Medical Alert products are both fashionable and more advanced. Mark Vogel explains, "Traditional medical ID jewelry is usually a bracelet or a necklace that's engraved with your medical condition and usually a contact emergency phone number. But sometimes people have a lot more allergies or conditions that they want to list, and they may want to opt for a more tech-savvy type of item -- like a USB bracelet or a QR code bracelet, necklace or pendant. A USB bracelet is something that can be plugged into a computer. You type your whole medical history and then, in an emergency, a medical technician or paramedic can plug it into their computer and see your whole history and know how to treat you. A QR code bracelet or necklace works in a similar way, where a passerby or paramedic can scan the barcode on the bracelet and that will bring up a website listing your whole medical condition as well."

JL Haber, Vice President of Modern Living with kathy ireland®, was more than happy to feature Elegant Medical Alert. He said, "It's very important for people with medical conditions or allergies to wear a medical ID at all times in case something happens to them. Sadly, however, many choose not to wear a medical ID because the IDs don't always look great. Elegant Medical Alert has changed that. With their sleek, beautiful medical ID jewelry, Elegant Medical Alert is quickly changing the game of medical IDs and patient safety."

Modern Living with kathy ireland® airs as sponsored programming on Thursday mornings throughout North America on E! Entertainment Network and sponsored programming to over 50 countries throughout the world on Sundays on Bloomberg International.

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