Care USB Medical History Bracelet - Pink

Care USB Medical History Bracelet - Pink

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Medium: 7.50 inches / 19 cm
The Care Medical History Bracelet allows you to carry all your medical and emergency contact information on your wrist! It can carry emergency information like drug prescriptions (to avoid drug interactions), list a specific medical condition (such as Diabetes or Alzheimers), emergency contact information (including your photo), doctors name, insurance information and more!

In case of an emergency or if you are incapacitated, EMTs or Paramedics can see the medical alert symbol on your bracelet and know right away that it contains emergency medical information. The design allows the band's USB to be plugged into any PC, including laptops carried by emergency personnel. Your medical information, including history, can then be easily accessed.

The bracelet contains no latex. The design has a locking mechanism so you can wear it with confidence and it is water resistant!
Just make sure you dry it thoroughly after exercising, swimming, bathing, etc.

It is perfect for a loved one, anyone with a medical condition, caregivers, athletes, business travelers as well as parents who want to leave their children's emergency and medical information with a babysitter.

Store your general contact information, list allergies, family and social history, health history, medications, diagnostic data, health tests and immunizations. On the general information page you can even add a photo!

It works by simply inserting the bracelet with preloaded software, which can be read in English or Spanish, into your computer and entering your information. The software is easy to navigate and can hold information for either yourself or your entire family! Your information can be updated at anytime and can even be printed out so you can provide a hard copy of your information. (The hard copy will contain all the information normally required during a doctors visit and can save you time from filling out the numerous forms required while visiting a doctor or an emergency room.) The bracelet has a 125MB capacity.


  • Software can only be installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Bracelet can be read on any computer: Medical information can be viewed from any PC or Mac with a USB drive
5 Stars
Love my USB bracelet
I love the rubber USB bracelet with the built in Medical program. I can put as much info as I want and I feel confident that if in an accident, EMT personnel will be able to access everything they need to help me with the condition I have. Thank you for this great option!
Reviewed by:  from Florida, United States on 2/3/2018
1 Stars
I bought this bracelet to replace an old one which was very satisfactory but the "catch" was wearing thin. Unfortunately, the program does not download to the computer unless the bracelet is plugged in to the USB. Remove the bracelet and the program is removed despite there being an icon on the desktop. It is impossible to update information such as new prescriptions or lab results as was done on the old bracelet. I would not recommend this product.
Reviewed by:  from Maine, United States on 9/24/2017
1 Stars
Emergency Bracelet
I love the whole concept, however, it will not download on any computer. I have used several. I have not been able to use it and at this point it's a waste of money! Sorry, but at this point I don't feel I can honestly rate it. I truly wanted this bracelet!!!!!!

Elegant Medical Alert: I'm sorry to hear that your bracelet is not working properly. If Tech Support was unable to resolve the issue, you are entitled to receive a replacement or a refund from Customer Service.
Reviewed by:  from California, United States on 3/25/2017
5 Stars
awesome great price fast shipping and great product AAAAAA++++
Reviewed by:  from New York, United States on 2/22/2017
5 Stars
Love my bracelet
I love my ID bracelet. I have the pink one, it stands out the best and very noticeable. It holds so much information. Now I'm working on scanning documents on to it.
Reviewed by:  from Florida, United States on 1/29/2017
5 Stars
So cute and easy to use
I purchased the pink C.A.R.E. USB bracelet, it arrived very quickly and is so cute. The only problem is that the red symbol on it blend into the pink color too much but I painted a white circle around it and now the symbol stand out more. The software on it is so easy to use and holds a lot of information.
Reviewed by:  from Florida, United States on 12/18/2016
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