Elegant Medical Alert is an authorized distributor of CARE Medical History Bracelets and Key Chains.

The Care Medical History Bracelet allows you to carry all your medical and emergency contact information on your wrist! It can carry emergency information like drug prescriptions (to avoid drug interactions), list a specific medical condition (such as Diabetes or Alzheimer’s), emergency contact information (including your photo), doctor’s name, insurance information and more!

In case of an emergency or if you are incapacitated, EMTs or Paramedics can see the medical alert symbol on your bracelet and know right away that it contains emergency medical information. The design allows the band's USB to be plugged into any PC, including laptops carried by emergency personnel. Your medical information, including history, can then be easily accessed.

The bracelet contains no latex. The design has a locking mechanism so you can wear it with confidence and it is water resistant!
Just make sure you dry it thoroughly after exercising, swimming, bathing, etc.

It is perfect for a loved one, anyone with a medical condition, caregivers, athletes, business travelers as well as parents who want to leave their children’s emergency and medical information with a babysitter.

Store your general contact information, list allergies, family and social history, health history, medications, diagnostic data, health tests and immunizations. On the general information page you can even add a photo!

It works by simply inserting the bracelet with preloaded software, which can be read in English or Spanish, into your computer and entering your information. The software is easy to navigate and can hold information for either yourself or your entire family! Your information can be updated at anytime and can even be printed out so you can provide a hard copy of your information. (The hard copy will contain all the information normally required during a doctor’s visit and can save you time from filling out the numerous forms required while visiting a doctor or an emergency room.) The bracelet has a 128MB capacity.


  • Software can only be installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Bracelet can be read on any computer: Medical information can be viewed from any PC or Mac with a USB drive

Blog Review:

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Satisfied Customers:

The WellMed Medical Group, with 70,000 patients, purchased 40,000 CARE Medical History Bracelets to provide to their patients as part of their patient care program. “It really is an accurate source of medical information for the patient and their family and for emergency personnel,” said Dr. George Rapier, Chairman and Founder of the WellMed Medical Group.

Harris County Emergency Service District 1
Board of Directors approved the purchase of 20,000 CARE Medical History Bracelets for their constituents.

The City of Helotes has purchased the CARE Medical History Bracelet with the e-manager software to assist them in their health and wellness program. Police Chief Mort Ault is interested in providing the wristband to his officers. "Right now," he said "if an officer gets injured in the field, I have to come into my office and bring the paper medical file to the hospital. That takes a lot of time. It would be great if I could get a wristband for every officer and employee. The medical history would be right there on the scene."

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