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Asthma MediMates Tag Necklace
Asthma MediMates Tag Necklace

Asthma MediMates Tag Necklace

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Model: EMID964T
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MediMate: PUFFER
Occupation: Lifeguard

Theres nothing that makes Puffer happier than doing his job being a LIFESAVER! All it takes is just one wheeze and he is up and ready to dive right in and help widen those airways. In his spare time he gives free lessons in CPR. He also has a funny habit of flossing his teeth up to a dozen times a day.

If your child has asthma, then the PUFFER asthma alert tag is the one for you!

Whether your child has asthma, a dairy allergy, both or several allergies, AllerMates allergy and health alert tags are perfect for your child.
Tag measures 1 1/4 inch x 3/4 inches (3.16 x 1.91 cm).

Choose a ball chain necklace, a flat cable chain or one of our silicone necklaces which are stretchy and colorful with a suction clasp that will give if pulled at. The unique integrated closure make them easy to take on and off even for kids. They are latex free and kids size.

Add one tag of your choice, two tags or however many tags are right based on your kids needs. Hypo allergenic, nickel free, cool brushed metal with a dimensional rubber character makes the MediMates tags unique and eye catching. Turn the tag around for more alert information.

You can order an additional necklace separately if you want some variety.

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