5 Stylish Medical Bracelets for Women

Medical bracelets can help save lives. They can help a first responder to know if you have any allergies or what medication you're on, in the event that you cannot. They can also help others around you respond appropriately to an emergency situation, especially if you have a condition that requires people to act quickly.

When you think of medical bracelets, you may think of older people wearing medical engraved bracelets. For you, that may not be the most attractive, or stylish, thing and you'd prefer to wear something a bit more stylish.

Our range at Elegant Medical Alert offers you beautiful custom pieces that you'll want to wear, regardless of the fact that they're literally lifesaving tools.

Read on for more information about some of the loveliest bracelets we have for women.

1. Diamond Rose Gold Medical Alert Bracelet

Rose gold has been in fashion for quite a while, and we don't see it going away any time soon. So, if you've got a keen eye for both fashion and trends, you'll definitely enjoy our rose gold diamond bracelet.

Fitted with a sterling silver chain, a rose gold engravable tag and a diamond, this is the perfect item for a lady who loves to be a bit flashy, while she's safe. The rose gold portion of the bracelet can be flipped over so that anyone can see the information you've decided to put on it.

The rose gold tag is authentic 14k gold, and it's adorned with a dainty .015 ct diamond. This is a timeless piece for ladies of all ages.

2. Copper Bracelets

Our copper bracelets are on-trend, allowing you to stack them as you please and incorporate them with your other jewelry. These bracelets are thinner than some of the other items we have, but they allow you to clearly label an illness or allergy. If you, or someone you love, has several illnesses or allergies, they can buy two or three and wear them stacked.

These are a perfect understated piece for the woman who wishes to be dainty and stylish, but also to ensure that she's protecting her health.

3. Titanium Bracelets

Are you a woman with a hint of edge to her style? If so, you'll love the Grace titanium medical ID bracelet. This slender, but durable, bracelet has a red enamel medical ID symbol on the front. Titanium is lighter, but three time stronger than stainless steel. This adds a touch of edge to your style and makes your accessory an instant conversation piece.

This bracelet is rust resistant and tarnish free.  Titanium is also a good choice for people with metal allergies due to its inertness.

Since the medical ID symbol is on the left side of the ID tag, it allows you to engrave the front and or the back. That makes this bracelet perfect for the individual who needs important information listed on her bracelet but still wants to remain cool and stylish.

4. Beaded Bracelets

An elegant beaded bracelet will never go out of style, which is why we have so many on Elegant Medical Alert.

From designer bracelets to less expensive options, our beaded bracelets are a perfect way to help you look as fashionable as you are safe. Our beaded bracelets pair well with a variety of non-medical accessories, and can even almost blend in to a stack of bracelets on your arm.

We also offer beaded bracelets that glow in the dark. This way, if you're ever in a situation in which someone needs to know your information while the lights are on low, they can find you immediately. This gives you an extra hint of safety, as you're stylish.

5. Braided Rope Bracelet

Just like our leather wrap bracelet, this one gives you a little bit of edge to your style, while being a bit friendlier on your wallet.

The rope can be adjusted to fit a variety of wrist sizes, meaning that you won't be having to take it to the jewelers if it doesn't fit. Instead, you can simply pull on the little toggles until it fits snugly, wherever you wish to wear it on your arm.

This rope bracelet makes your outfit look a tad edgier, and blends in with a variety of trendy non-medical jewelry. This way, if you're young and aren't too keen on people knowing you have to wear a medical bracelet, most people won't assume that's what it is at first glance. Instead, they'll assume it's a trendy bracelet you like to wear.

Our braided rope bracelet also gives you the incredible flexibility of engraving both the front and the back of the tag. You're given 5 lines altogether on the front and back, but having information on the front means it's on hand immediately.

Incorporating Medical Bracelets Into Your Everyday Fashion

Medical bracelets don't have to look like hospital bracelets or something you'd picture your grandmother wearing. Instead, they can be hip and stylish, especially if you take the time to pick one out that goes with your personality.

With just a little bit of extra time, you'll have no trouble finding a medical bracelet that appeals to you and your fashion sense. After shopping with us, you'll have a bracelet you'll be excited to wear, not self-conscious about showing off in front of others.

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