5 Major Benefits of Wearing Medical ID Jewelry

Medical ID jewelry—braceletsnecklaces, and watches with medical information inscribed on themcan be truly life-saving. Their purpose is to provide medical personnel with important information about your health in the event that you’re unable to communicate the details of your medical conditions, the medications you take, or any allergies you have. Medical ID jewelry speaks on your behalf, relaying vital information that could potentially save your life.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the many benefits of wearing medical ID jewelry. If you’re unsure about whether or not to invest in a piece, here are a few pros to consider.

 1.     Improves quality and speed of care

The information inscribed on your medical ID bracelet, necklace, or watch helps guide medical personnel towards treatments that are not only effective, but safest for your unique health profile. For example, you won’t be given a medication you’re allergic to.

In the case of a medical emergency, the critical health information displayed on medical ID jewelry can help EMTs, nurses, and doctors rule certain diagnoses in or out. This reduces the chance of misdiagnosis, helps you receive the care you need as quickly as possible, and prevents a minor emergency from becoming a major crisis.

2.     Quickly provides first responders with information   

The information on your medical ID bracelet can help paramedics better understand why you’re exhibiting the signs you are and determine proper next steps. This not only serves to ensure you get correct treatment in a timely manner, but also prevents unnecessary trips to the hospital.

For example, let’s say a person has a seizure disorder like epilepsy and regularly has seizures that don’t require emergency measures. If this person has a seizure in a public place, wearing medical ID jewelry can make paramedics aware that they have epilepsy. Instead of immediately rushing this person to the hospital, the paramedics might choose to wait for them to wake up from the seizure and consult with them about how to proceed.

On the flip side, if a different person is having a seizure and their medical ID bracelet indicates they have a condition in which a seizure could be a life-threatening event (or there isn’t adequate information), they will transport them to a hospital without delay.

3.     Improved bystander response

Medical ID jewelry can also be helpful to guide the response of non-medical people who you or a loved one come into contact with. For example, wearing a medical ID bracelet could be very useful for children with life-threatening food allergies, as it could decrease the chances that they’re accidentally given these foods at school or camp.  

As another example, the National Institute on Aging recommends that people with Alzheimer’s disease wear a piece of identification stating their diagnosis in case they wander and get lost.

4.     Protects you against medical errors made at the time of admission or discharge

It’s estimated that half of all medication errors happen during the time of admission or discharge from the hospital. The reality is that a small, overlooked fact from your medical history can have a huge impact on the care you receive and/or your recovery. Medical ID jewelry serves as a reminder to physicians and helps them avoid costly mistakes.

5.     Offers extra assurance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wearing medical ID jewelry is important at any time, but especially during a worldwide pandemic. Not only are people with medical conditions at higher risk of COVID-19 complications, but obstacles such as wearing a mask and busy emergency rooms can make it difficult to communicate. A medical ID bracelet can ensure medical personnel receives critical health information despite these obstacles.

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