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2BEID QR Code Medical ID Bracelet - Black Thin Width

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This medical ID QR code bracelet is made of silicone with a medical plate. The plate of the bracelet contains the QR code linked to the identification sheet, the code of the bracelet and the medical alert symbol.

Where Do I Enter My Profile Information?

When you receive your bracelet, it will arrive with instructions on how to access the 2BEID web site where you will enter your information.

First responders can access your medical and emergency information when they scan with a smartphone or call the toll-free hotline number that is printed directly on the bracelet.

Edit and update your information as often as necessary.

No annual fee. No activation fee.

1 year limited warranty.


Maximum size: 7.87 inches
Strap width: 0.39 inches
Weight: 1.06 ounces

Water resistant but sensitive to chemicals.

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